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January 2014

I'm over the moon :) The good folks at Bold Strokes Books have offered me a contract for my sixth lesbian novel, Once The Clouds Have Gone. This will be my first move away from YA and into adult lesbian romance and I can't wait for it to be published. I'm currently editing my draft and loving every second of it. I can't wait to share the final version with you all. It's due to be released in October 2014, but if you hop over to my OTCHG page, you can read a blurb right now. 


July 2013

Great news! I've just signed a contract with Bold Strokes Books for my fifth novel, "Because of Her". I couldn't be happier! It's scheduled for release in 2014. Want the blurb on it? Okay, here it is:


"For seventeen year old Tabitha “Tabby” Morton, life sucks. Big time. Forced to move to London, thanks to her father's new job, she has to leave her friends, school and, most importantly, her girlfriend Amy, far behind. To make matters worse, Tabby's parents enrol her in the exclusive Queen Victoria Independent School for Girls, hoping that it will finally make a lady of her.

But Tabby has other ideas.

Loathing her new school,Tabby fights against everything and everyone, causing relations with her parents to hit rock bottom. But when the mysterious and beautiful Eden Palmer walks into her classroom one day and catches her eye, Tabby begins to wonder if life there might not be so bad after all.

After Amy drops a bombshell about their relationship after a disastrous visit, Tabby starts to see the need for new direction in her life. Fighting her own personal battles, Eden brings the possibility of change for them both. Gradually Tabby starts to turn her life around, and it's all because of her."

More news when I have it :)

December 17th 2012

I have a SIGNED copy of my next novel, "Another 365 Days" to give away before its official release date of 14th January 2013!

Interested? Just copy and paste this URL: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/40007-another-365-days, enter your details and sit back and wait. Closing date is 1 January 2013.

Good luck!



June 12th 2012

Great news! Bold Strokes Books have accepted two new novels for publication in 2013. The first, "Another 365 Days" will be published in January, while the second, "The Road to Her" will be coming later in 2013.

Here's some info about them both:

Another 365 Days:

Life’s sweet when you’re seventeen and in love, right? Clemmie Atkins certainly thinks so!  She’s still madly in love with her girlfriend, the hot and super-confident EMO, Hannah Harrison, and her irritating sister, HRBH, will soon be leaving home to go to university.

But just when it seems that life is finally pretty darn cool, a new distraction at school threatens to upset everything, and the return of the enigmatic and sexy J with a startling confession confuses things further...

Clemmie has another 365 days to try and get her life back on track...but will it be enough?


The Road to Her:


Sparks fly when twenty year-old Holly Croft , star of the UK soap ‘Portobello Road’, meets Elise Manford, the actress who’s going to play her on-screen love interest in the soap’s first ever lesbian storyline.

Enigmatic Elise’s super-confident attitude and unwelcome ‘advice’ drives Holly to distraction at first, but as fans go wild over the storyline, and the pair start to spend more and more time together, Holly begins to see another side to her co-star.

Liking what she sees, Holly slowly finds herself falling in love, but can she ignore her growing attraction to Elise when the lines between fact and fiction begin to blur?