Current Projects and Some New Stuff Too

This page details some of the bits and pieces I'm currently working on, and which I hope to get published in the future ...

I've just completed my sixth lesbian novel, and in a break from my norm, I've not only decided to market as a contemporary lesbian romance rather than YA, I've written it in the third person (my first ever time). I've given it the working title of "Once The Clouds Have Gone" and it features the main characters of Tabitha "Tabby" Morton and Freddie Metcalfe. I love them both to bits already. It's currently being considered for publication, so fingers are currently being kept crossed :)

I've also just started writing a third and final "365 Days" novel. It was my initial intention to write just one diary, but then Clemmie Atkins got under my skin and I just knew she deserved a triolgy, purely so I could resolve all her issues, of which there are many! This final diary, with the working title of "A Final 365 Days", will see Clem struggle to come out to her parents. But will she have the nerve to finally go through with it?

As many readers of my work know, I really love writing comedy. I particularly like observational humour and consider my humour to be very 'British', comparing it to the likes of Victoria Wood and Peter Kay. I've written lots of short stories about an older, amateur lady detective who, whether she wants to or not, finds herself getting dragged into all sorts of mysteries around her village, with lashings of bizarre situations, bizarre characters and even more bizarre humour throughout!

These stories started off as short stories, some of which have been published in UK women's magazines, and I'm hoping to cobble some of the others together and turn them into a longer novel. A sort of No1 Ladies Detective Agency with spastic colons and Earl Grey tea. You get the idea ...