Another 365 Days

"Another 365 Days" is the sequel to my 2011 debut novel, "365 Days" and picks up right where 365 Days left us!

"Life’s sweet when you’re a teenager in love - that's what Clemmie Atkins thinks anyway!  She’s still madly in love with her girlfriend, the hot and super-confident EMO, Hannah Harrison, and her irritating sister, HRBH, will soon be leaving home to go to university.

But just when it seems that life is finally pretty darn cool, a new distraction at school threatens to upset everything, and the return of the enigmatic and sexy J with a startling confession confuses things further...

Clemmie has another 365 days to try and get her life back on track...but will it be enough?"

 "Another 365 Days" will be published by Bold Strokes Books on 15 January 2013, but is available to pre-order NOW!

"Funny, engaging and accessible" - Kirkus Reviews