All About Me

 I was born in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath in the West of England many, many years ago, but not so many years ago that I would have met Jane Austen or anything like that.


 Lovely, lovely Bath ...

I was actively 'encouraged' by my parents to go and work for the Government when I was about 19 and, being a good gal, signed my life away and managed to end up working for the Ministry of Defence for around 15 years. I know. I'm surprised too. My days there were filled with moving important-looking pieces of paper around on my desk (they weren't important) and untangling paperclips (they were important), making shapes and figures from them during my most boring days (of which there were many.) I'm sure somewhere in those very same offices even today there will still be small, metal figurines of monkeys, dogs and Elton John floating around somewhere.

I used to like feeding our resident squirrels there too, but that's another story.

Anyhoo, I decided there had to be something else out there for me other than Paperclip Elton so in 2003 I jacked it all in and went to university in Bristol, emerging blinking back into the daylight three years later with a nice, sparkly degree in History and Linguistics. Uni was fun but it left me with a thumping great debt, so most reluctantly in 2006 I went back to office work again.

Now, there were no squirrels at this place, alas alack, but there was still a positive plethora of paperclips just begging for my attention and, pleased to discover I hadn't lost the knack of paperclip origami, I do believe I may have even had a crack at building the Sistine Chapel during this period, but my memory's a bit rusty now.

I think it's best to gloss over this period in my employment because, quite frankly, it was too dull to even begin to talk about. Suffice to say I didn't last long back in Office Land and left to pursue a career in something I REALLY wanted to do: writing.

Now I live in the Cotswolds with my fabulous, beautiful, and witty partner (she told me to write that) surrounded by our dogs and guinea pigs. As you can see, it's a relaxed life all round!


So here I am, with these tinkers ↑, just writing, writing, writing and loving it :)

And it's been successful so far, too. I've had some stories published in numerous highly-respected UK women's magazines (one even had my picture in it. Mother was so proud). I've won a few writing competitions too, but the icing on the cake has been getting published with the wonderful Bold Strokes Books.

Please have a good mooch around my website and please do feel free to contact me if you want to know anything about any currently published books, or any new books. Equally, if you want to know how to build a small town out of paperclips, just give me a shout. I kinda think I'm a bit of an expert with paperclips now ...